Gary W. Davis
January 29th, 2018

Gary W. Davis 720-889-9920
President, Kahuna Ventures LLC
Partner, 3MG Enterprises II, LLC

Gary W. Davis has more than 37 years of experience in the natural gas industry.  He started his career in 1978 with Marathon Oil as a Plant Engineer at the Yates Gas Plant, a sour gas processing facility with Claus Sulfur Recovery supporting an oil field producing in excess of 100,000 BBL/day.  In 1980 he went to work for Western Gas Resources as their Chief Engineer, and after eighteen years of service left his position as Senior Vice President of Production, Engineering, Safety and Environmental to stake out on his own.

In 1999 Mr. Davis formed Kahuna Gas, LLC to design, build, own and operate the Bazor Ridge Gas Processing Facility.  This facility, located in Wayne County, Mississippi, was designed to treat 25 MMSCFD of hydrocarbon-rich gas and condensate containing 20% H2S.  Acid gas containing 93% H2S was compressed, liquefied and injected into a disposal well.  Kahuna Gas owned and operated this facility until July, 2004 when it was sold.

Kahuna Ventures LLC was formed to be the General Manager of Kahuna Gas and to provide engineering and project management services to the industry.  After Kahuna Gas sold the Bazor Ridge Facility, Kahuna Ventures focused in earnest on the consulting business and has since grown to 65 employees, including 40 engineers and project managers, along with 10 field construction managers.